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This web is in test mode

Prepared and planed analysis and statistics. Gradually, but there is still little data on some analyzes.

      - Detailed analysis of MM of individual levels
      - Detailed analysis of MM of individual tanks from VI to X levels
      - Distribution of maps by individual levels
      - Average time spent in battle by individual levels
      - Average time by tier and map (so little data)
      - Distribution of maps by tank type SPG / TD / HT / MT / LT (so little data)
      - Detailed analysis of MM of individual types (SPG / TD / HT / MT / LT) and tier (VI, VII, VIII, IX and X)
      - Analysis of individual maps (distribution of modes 3/5/7, 5/10, 15, other on particular maps) (so few data)

      Further and further analyzes based on the amount of data delivered.
      If you want to contribute to the analysis, please send your replay from 2018:
      - e-mail:
      - Private message at the official forum nick nalkirk
      - Right in the game, nick nalkirk
      - Report to FB: nalkirk nalkikrovič